I Was Told I Was Insane To Do This...

15 Niches...
COMPLETELY Researched...
Handed To YOU On
A Silver Platter...

So You Have NO Excuses
Not To Rake In
A Solid Income!

Steven Wagenheim with his wife Donna
and daughter Christine




(And I'm Not Kidding Either)

dmit it! You're sick and tired of how-to books that leave you with more questions than answers...and an empty bank account to boot.    

   And Nobody gives a rat's behind.

   Well...I finally said 'Nuts to this' and did something about it.

The Private Chat
That Will Change YOUR Life

   I was talking with a friend of mine. He said to me any time I needed a favor to just ask. So I did. I asked him to research a niche for me to see if it's profitable.

   He laughed in my face.

   'Are you out of your mind?' he asked...'You'd have to pay thousands of dollars to somebody to have them do niche research for you...'

   I asked him why...and the answer was a simple one...Because THAT is the WHOLE BALL GAME!

   Thousands of dollars...to research one niche.

That's When The Lights Came On

   If this was the one thing that Internet marketers would sell their living souls for because they knew finding a profitable niche would rake in the cold hard cash like gangbusters...

   Why don't I just give them what they really want?

   That's right...you can throw away all your how to books on niche research. I've done the work for you with my...

I've Done The Work For You

   No...you're not seeing things and this isn't a bunch of B.S.

   I have completely researched 15 niches in minute detail.

   In this package that nobody else would dare put together...you get...

All This And MORE

  • 15 Niches Completely Researched With A Proven Demand...

  • Complete Search And Competition Stats For Each Niche...

  • A Proven And Tested Product That Is Already Selling For Each Niche...

  • A Comprehensive Step By Step Plan For Promoting Each Niche...

  • 3 Professionally Written Articles For EACH Niche...

  • 1 Professionally Written Review For EACH Product...

   I've left nothing out. You'd have to be more brain dead than a lamb on a spit not to earn a solid income armed with this never before revealed information.

   There is no doubt that I am going to get a lot of slack from the blood sucking information peddlers when they get wind of what I've done.

   Well...they can stew in their own juices for all I care. It's about time somebody came out with the one product that everybody wants.

But I'm Not Done

   I knew I needed to arm you with every possible tool to make this work — without question...without exception.

   So I am also including...

   Fact: 67% of the income I earn comes from articles. By combinging my Complete Article Writing And Marketing Guide with the 15 niches I am handing to you...you will virtually be unstoppable.

   In this guide you'll discover...

  • How to write content on any subject in 30 minutes or less, GUARANTEED...

  • How to give people EXACTLY what they are looking for in your articles...

  • The 4 things you must NEVER do when writing an article...

  • How to write like an authority on ANY subject and do it in MINUTES...

  • Discover my 5 STEP MAGIC FORMULA for writing articles that will ALWAYS deliver results INSTANTLY...

But I'm STILL Not Done

   If niche research is the whole ball game then marketing strategy is certainly your ace starting pitcher. Without effective advertising techniques that generate pinpoint targeted traffic you might as well be promoting in the dark.

   So I am also including...

   I'm not going to bore you with the long list of advertising strategies I've included in this one of a kind book. I've covered everything from Adwords to Web 2.0. Nothing is left out...Nothing!.

A Near Plug N Play System

   Mike Filsaime wrote an article recently on giving people the magic button to push. In other words—a system that is virtually automated.

   Niche Research Revolution is as close as it gets to that. No...you're not going to just be able to push a button and earn an income on the Internet. If that's what you're looking for...please close up this page now.

   But if you can put in just a few hours of work and follow some simple step by step directions...you can be earning in a matter of days.

   Not years...not months...not even weeks.

   As a matter of fact...I am so sure that you will be earning within days of using this system that I am backing up my claim with Clickbank's 56 Day Guarantee.

$3,000 For One Niche?

   That's right. That's what a high priced mentor would charge you to research and hand you 1 niche on a silver platter...minimum...and some won't even do it because they don't want the competition.

   So how much do you think you'd have to pay to have 15 niches researched? And that's if anybody was crazy enough to do it for you?

   You'd have to pay close to $50,000.

   If you think I'm wrong...go ask somebody to research a niche for you. Let me know after they're done laughing.

Would You Pay $997 For This Info?

   Considering how much time I spent researching these 15 niches...not counting all the ones I had to scrap because they sucked...I sure would. This was one nightmare of a project and one I will never do again.

   So this is it. These are the last 15 niches I ever research for the general public. Any further ones I research I do for myself.

   I have no idea how many of these I'm going to let go out there. Once I see that there are more than enough...I'm pulling this product off the market. It could be a week...a month...6 months. I have no idea.

   But here is what I do know...Nobody else is going to be crazy enough to put in all this work for what it's going to cost you. So those who jump on this today are going to get on their hands and knees and kiss the ground I walk on for letting them have such an insane product.

So What's It Going To Cost Me?

   This is what I have ultimately decided before I reach the point of pulling this thing off the market.

   I am going to let a few copies go for just $297...$197...$97...

   After that I am pulling this offer. NO—I am not bluffing.


   You want testimonials? Forget It! The few people who got their hands on advanced copies of this are not talking. And I don't blame them. My friend told me I was nuts and these few forever thankful souls begged me not to release this commercially.

   So why am I doing this? Why don't I just keep these niches for myself? To understand the answer to that question you need to understand a little about competition on the Internet.

   These niches have so little of it that even if I sold 10,000 of these...it wouldn't put a dent in any of these niches.

   And besides...you think I have time to monetize 15 niches when I'm already running a full time business? So instead of letting all this research go to waste...I'm sharing it exclusively with you.

How Good Are These Niches...Really?

   You want to know just how good these niches are?

   Try these stats on for size...

  • A niche with nearly 10,000 monthly searches for one keyword and only 16,000 competing sites...

  • Another niche with nearly 7000 monthly searches for one keyword and only 9,640 competing sites...

  • Another niche with over 9,000 monthly searches for one keyword and only 17,100 competing sites...

  • Another niche with almost 2,000,000 monthly searches for one keyword and a keyword efficiency index of over 3 million...

  • Another niche with almost 7,000 monthly searches for one keyword and only 6,370 competing sites...

   And that's just the tip of the iceberg. Some of these niches are so underdeveloped that you can dominate them just by putting up a blog. Yeah...it's a joke.

Some Straight Talk About These Niches

   This is important you understand this so READ THIS VERY CAREFULLY.

   These niches were offered as a pre-release to my private list on a limited basis. Fortunately for you...they didn't all sell out.

   There are a FEW left.

   When I say a few...I mean A FEW. This will NOT last long.

   If you think I am kidding...come back in a month and see if this page is still here...But don't say I didn't warn you.

Proof I Know My Stuff

   Anybody can talk a good game...so here's a Camtasia video showing just a fraction of my income.

   Unlike a lot of the posers and phonies on the Internet...I walk the walk.

Tomorrow May Be Too Late

   I have quite a reputation on the Internet. You'll find over 100,000 pages about me on Google. If I say something...I mean it.

   So when I say after these few copies go I am pulling this offer I mean it.

   When I say that limited copies will be sold at any price I mean it.

   When I say that you'll never find a product like this offered anywhere ever again you can bet your best mule and a six pack that I'm right.

Okay Steve...You've Convinced Me!

Yes! I Want 15 Niches Handed To Me On A Silver Platter!

No! I Don't Want To Pay $50,000 For This Info!

Yes! I Want To Be Earning In Days!

And Yes...You Are Crazy...But I Want This Anyway!

I understand that I will be instantly downloading the entire 3 book package in PDF format PLUS the articles and product reviews in DOC format and that I have 56 days to evaluate it.

I also understand that if I am not completely thrilled with this package, I can return it for a FULL REFUND.

Click Here To Instantly Download

   My email address is below...Feel free to email me any time with any questions you have. I will always give you a straight answer to your inquiry.

   It's about time somebody gave YOU what you really want.


   Steven Wagenheim

   PS - Please...please...PLEASE don't forget that only a few copies are going out at $97. After those few are gone...they will be pulled off the market...PERIOD.

   PPS - Also don't forget that the bonuses included The Complete Internet Advertising Guide and The Complete Article Writing And Marketing Guide can also be pulled at any time. They are only guaranteed for these 1few copies. So please act fast. I'd hate to see you miss out on a once in a lifetime offer.

   You can email with any questions at...